This is the best exercise for everything!

Or is it? Which exercise? We regularly see posts and claims for the best exercise, rep scheme or training methodology. A quick search for ‘best glute exercise’ or ‘best bicep exercise’ will throw up a list of suggestions from well meaning people who have probably had great results with the said exercise or protocol. ButContinue reading “This is the best exercise for everything!”

Fixing yourself with a foam roller?

What are the benefits? What can it do and what are its limits? There is a lot of confusion out there at the moment with regards to what you can and can’t achieve with corrective stretching, rollers, massage balls and guns. This article attempts to correct a lot of the misconceptions so that people canContinue reading “Fixing yourself with a foam roller?”

Weight loss, Work Capacity and Linear Progression

Why you don’t need to live in a gym or starve Many people struggle with weight loss because of certain misconceptions regarding the systems they’re working with. For people who start in a highly deconditioned state they often get very noticeable improvements early on. This is because they’re so inefficient at the tasks being askedContinue reading “Weight loss, Work Capacity and Linear Progression”