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Basic anatomy made accessible for trainers and strength and conditioning coaches. Our foundation and advanced courses enable trainers to embrace user friendly anatomy to aid programming and exercise selection. We enable them to get the most out of athletes and clients by programming around their individual anatomical capabilities. We also provide tailor made courses for teams and organisations.

Why are our courses different?

The Learning Gap: There are lots of great courses out there and after years of attending and teaching on them we’ve noticed a huge gap in the information that comes back in assignments or the implementation on the gym floor, sometimes the following hour. The truth is, a lot of courses simply don’t cater to the trainers taking the course. All our courses are heavily practical, giving attendees the time and remit to master implementation of all the anatomy gaps principles in real time, using a real client / athlete and using our user friendly programming solutions. Get online support where a coach will take you through assessing and programming an existing client. Master our concepts in your own time.  

The Mobility Gap: At the moment mobility issues are rife and with the next generation there is likely to be a mobility pandemic. Most people don’t understand what causes mobility deficiencies or they have a fundamental misunderstanding of the limitations of traditional mobilising methods. Those who do go down the movement over strength route usually need it less. They gravitate to yoga over power lifting not because they need it more but because they are flexible and find that to be a less threatening environment. Those who neglect it entirely and do weights because it is more fun for them are missing a trick. By using our programming parameters for assessment, exercise selection and variation, your clients can preserve and enhance their range of motion just by using weights.

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Incorporate an understanding of the interplay of different body systems into your current methodology. Learn about joint actions and angles of pennation and how you can use them to get the most out of your existing exercises. Discover how to preserve and incorporate range of motion without adding extra time to your workouts. Expand your knowledge of slings and learn to embrace the benefits of transverse conditioning. Retain but amplify the benefits of classic exercises and traditional lifts. Use our assessment tools based on observation of lifting technique to design your own corrective strategies.

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Whether working with athletes, clients with body composition goals, or special populations, learn how anatomy gaps can incorporate what they’ve been missing. We offer a variety of solutions to suit your needs and budget, including anatomy gaps Foundation, anatomy gaps Advanced and Athletic Gaps. Over time, as we update our courses new information becomes available to anyone who has completed that course. There are no hidden fees for upgrades and there is never any need to re-certify.

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