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Whether working with athletes, clients with body composition goals, or special populations, learn how anatomy gaps can incorporate what they’ve been missing. We offer a variety of solutions to suit your needs and budget, including anatomy gaps Foundation, anatomy gaps Advanced and Athletic Gaps.

anatomy gaps™
Foundation Course

Programing principles – What to work on, how to vary, how to improve, how to retain.
Primary lifts – The truth about their utility, their benefits, how to use them as an assessment, how to customise to the individual, program and vary.
Secondary lifts – Use anatomy gaps™ principles to give clients and athletes what they need, what they’re missing and improve mobility at the same time.
Hybrid lifts – Increase results and improve work capacity with tailored hybrid lifts.
Identifying common compensations – Learn how to spot compensations, when to keep them or reverse engineer movements around them. Utilise this knowledge to create custom warm ups for athletes and clients.
Corrective conditioning – Learn to use posture and movement analysis to safely work clients and athletes as hard as possible while mitigating the chances of injury.
Tent theory – A user friendly way of learning some key anatomy and the limitations with traditional stretch and release methods.
Corrective strength & hypertrophy – Learn how to iron out weakness and deficiencies by evaluating their cause and converting them into strengths.

anatomy gaps™
Advanced Course

Sling conditioning – Learn about the interplay of different tissues and how to train them together while incorporating movement. Utilise this knowledge to create custom warm ups for athletes and clients.
Muscle properties – Deeper dive into exercises based on angles of pennation, fibre composition and whether the muscles run in series or parallel.
anatomy gaps™ plyometrics – Incorporate the necessary movements and joint angles to comprehensively train the right qualities in target tissues.
Force from the ground up – Footwear, intrinsic foot musculature and their importance.
Common thoracic issues – The importance of thoracic segmentation and how the ribcage effects shoulder function and positioning.
Abdominal anatomy – Training the abs for performance, injury prevention and dealing with existing injury, and exceptional requirements.
System reset – Use parasympathetic breathing and stretching modalities to deal with stress, cool down, or prepare for competition, while mitigating individual problem issues.

Athletic Gaps Course

Unique, specialised workshops that target sport-specific demands.
Winning Mechanics – sport speed secrets, get your physics and physiology working for you
System Reset – take care of painful joins, deal with stress and optimise your performance
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Need something different? We also offer boutique workshops tailored to your sport, team, schedule, level, facilities and budget. Whether it is strength requirements for your sport, speed application specific to your sport, conditioning and injury prevention for particular athletic demands, we provide the solutions.
Get in touch to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

Motor Gaps Course

Motor Skills – Take steps to ensure your child’s sporting activity develops them comprehensively.

Maximise Opportunities– Avoid the mistakes many parents make that actually interfere with their child’s opportunities to thrive athletically.

Injury Risk – Simple steps for participation and load management to avoid unnecessary exposure to injury risk.

Talent Identification the Right Way – The problem with early specialisation and optimal ways of finding their sport.

Special Populations

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