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anatomy gaps Beginners Workshop

Introduction to designing a weight training program


Athletic Gaps: Collision Hardware

Knee Upgrades €10 For existing members / clients


Motor Gaps Online: Talent Development and Talent Identification

Are you collecting data to check that you are improving the things that matter or to show someone that you are improving someone? Are you collecting data to help someone appropriate talent instead of using data to make sure you are developing it?


Programing Principles Online Part I & Part II

Access to Parts I & II of Programing Principles Online. Access to recording and live clinic. Group / Team discounts available. Choose your own time + date etc. Part of the anatomy gaps Foundation course


Athletic Gaps Throwing Hardware

Get the growth plate adaptations for the humerus in at youth level. Give throwers the anatomical benefits of shoulder external rotation to reduce shoulder / elbow and lumbar spine issues. Restore / preserve thoracic segmentation. Provide strength at length for the shoulder capsule. Extend the eccentric capacities of muscles that allow for a repeatable throw from shoulder external rotation in a game / event. If the tissues responsible are resistant to fatigue, you get a robust joint and a throw that’s powerful and repeatable.


Athletic Gaps Weightlifters Hardware

Don’t confuse the mobility of competitive weightlifters with the idea that olympic variants are good ways of developing mobility in untrained individuals. Give your lifters longer careers and higher totals.


Athletic Gaps Wrestling Physics and Martial Arts Principles


Athletic Gaps Collision Hardware



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Speed Training for Sports

Speed Training for Sports Monthly Membership (Acceleration / Evasion / Top End / Speed Endurance / Strategy / Speed Related injury concerns)



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